Just Breathe

“Introducing Maxxie LaWow: Drag Super-shero With Anthony Hand” (October 1, 2021)

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Just Breathe Web Site  | @ChrysalisMama

40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk.

“All the Sh*t You Can Do After 40 with Anthony Hand” (October 1, 2021)

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40 Plus: Real Men. Real Talk. Web Site  | @therickclemons

Life (Un)closeted

“Why We All Need a Drag SUPER-SHERO – Anthony Hand” (Sept. 22, 2021)

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Life (Un)Closeted Web Site  |  @TheRickClemons

Painted trash

“Drag Queen Super-shero” (Sept. 21, 2021)

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Painted Trash @ Facebook  |  @PaintedTrashPod


The Good, The Brad & The Ugly

“SHEroes with Superpowers” (Sept. 16, 2021)

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Gay Men’s Life Lab

“Mees Maxxie LaWow: Drag Super-shero with Filmmaker Anthony Hand” (Sept. 13, 2021)

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Gay Men’s Life Lab Web Site  |  @BuckDodsonCoaching

RelationSh!t! Podcast

“Maxxie LaWow Sh!t” (Sept. 10, 2021)

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Relationsh!t Podcast Website  |  @PodRelationshit


“She’s Dyna Bolical!” (Sept. 10, 2021)

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Wrote Podcast Website  |  @WrotePodcast

An Older Gay Guy Show

“Maxxie LaWow – Drag Super-shero” (Sept. 18, 2021)

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Best Gay Life Podcast

“Reality TV & Super-sheros with Maxxie LaWow” (August 28, 2021)

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Queerly Recommended:  Romance Womance

“Romance Womance” (September 28, 2021)

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Queerly Recommended Web Site  |  @QueerlyRecommended