Maxxie LaWow stylized text over a disco ball

Adventure Reel

Watch this crazy fabulous 2 min “Adventure Reel” to learn more about what we have in mind for “Maxxieworld.” It features scenes from the current project, as well as scenes from potential future storylines.

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Maxxie LaWow face close up


Let’s make herstory! Please help us fully fund pre-production and bring Maxxie and her friends to life!

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Drag queen reaching into her bra with Anthony next to her

“Maxxie’s Pad”

OK, the Indiegogo Pitch video is campy fun all by itself. And that jacket!! Special thanks to Pollo Del Mar who nailed it.

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Animation Study

Our fabulously talented animation partners released this animation study to celebrate the launch of the Indiegogo campaign in September 2021.

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Maxxie LaWow

Press Coverage

For the latest list of podcast interviews and other media coverage, visit the Press Room