Let’s Make Herstory!

"Maxxie LaWow: Drag Super-shero" will make herstory as the first animated feature film about a drag superhero.

Logline: "When drag queens start disappearing, a shy young barista must summon his inner super-shero to rescue them​from an ambitious evil drag queen bent on harvesting their magical anti-aging tears."

This film is by LGBTQ+ creators and for the LGBTQ+ community, with a mostly LGBTQ+ and BIPOC cast of characters.

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Principal Cast

Grant Hodges Simon/Maxxie LaWow

Simon: Shy 21 yo barista. Not terribly confident. Doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life.

Maxxie LaWow: Confident, brash, sexy drag queen. Commands the stage at all times. Slays lip syncs. Kills on the runway. But not literally bcuz: shero.

Erika Ishii Jae

Childhood #bff with Simon. Daughter of Korean immigrants. Goes to community college, works part time at the cafe.

Is starting to explore the dating scene and has broad interests…

Definitely has a thing for unicorns.

Terren Wooten Clarke Dyna Bolical

Dyna Bolical lives in the creepy old rundown family mansion on the edge of town. Her family used to be wealthy. Now, she’s struggling to get by as a drag entertainer and plots schemes to regain her family fortune.

Supporting Cast

Laraine Newman Claire

An older woman with a healthy libido: 110% cougar! Character is in her "Sexy 60s."

Michael-Leon Wooley Mama Mumu

Mama Mumu (she/her, they/them) owns The Skirt & Girdle nightclub & cabaret. They used to be a drag entertainer, still does it sometimes, and they act as a mentor to young drag queens.

Michelle C. Bonilla Valentina

Valentina used to be in tech, and now she’s living her dream as the owner of the Pink Unicorn Cafe. She’s a no nonsense woman who often acts as a mother figure to her young employees. She is a fierce LGBTQ+ ally.

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman Calvin

Calvin is a manager at a shop near the Pink Unicorn Cafe and swings by most days for a Glitter Latte. He’s handsome, dresses well, and was only a couple years ahead of Simon and Jae in school.

Will Simon ever get up the courage to ask Calvin out??

Avi Roque Igor

Igor is Dyna Bolical’s long suffering personal assistant / costume designer / lead chemist / lover.

JJ Hawkins Jack Elation

Jack (he/him) is a suave representative of a mysterious government agency. Typically sports dapper suits. He takes an interest in Maxxie’s potentially supernatural origins...

Jack was a drag king at the Skirt & Girdle when he was younger.

In this film, Jack a secondary character. We have plans for interesting storylines with Jack in future productions.

Jinkx Monsoon Betty

This character appears in the fictional movie snippet. She and Babs are frenemies sharing a tragic personal secret, and immediately engage in oneupsmanship with each other.

BenDeLaCreme Babs

This character appears in the fictional movie snippet. She and Babs are frenemies sharing a tragic personal secret, and immediately engage in oneupsmanship with each other.

Monét X Change Amaretto Sour

One of Dyna Bolical’s victims. Amaretto Sour was all set to headline open mic night at the Pink Unicorn Cafe when tragedy strikes!

Rosé Legendary Queen / Cop

One of Dyna Bolical’s victims. Legendary Queen is a legend in the local Tuckerton drag scene. She practically gave it birth!

Rosé also brings her signature Scottish accent to a police officer character that'll leave the audience in stitches.

Heidi N Closet Old Skool Queen / Pat

One of Dyna Bolical’s victims.

As Pat, news reporter on the scene, Heidi whistles, er, tells it like it is!

Angie Fisher Vocalist

Angie Fisher is a Grammy-nominated vocalist and radio personality. Angie sings 4 incredible original songs in the film representing an in-world pop singer, a là Lady Gaga or Beyoncé.

Celebrate drag. Celebrate Queer voices.