Release You Inner She-ro!

“Maxxie LaWow: Drag Super-shero” is an animated feature film telling the story of Simon, a shy young barista, who discovers a magic wig that turns him into the super-shero of his dreams. Campy adventures ensue.


"When drag queens start disappearing, a shy young barista must summon his inner super-shero to rescue them ​from an ambitious evil drag queen bent on harvesting their magical anti-aging tears."

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  •   Fantasy/Comedy, Animated
  •   ~90 min
  •   PG-13 (Est.)
  •   Summer 2024 (Est.)
  •   Status: In Production
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Film Production & Release Schedule

2021 Sept

Crowdfunding Campaign

We raised $52,000 on Indiegogo!

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2021 Oct

Production Kickoff

We kicked off our 26 month production schedule with the Pre-Viz animation stage and by heading into the recording studio with our incredibly talented cast.

2022 Aug

Principal Animation & Music

2022 was our Summer of Love as we kicked off principal animation and headed back in the recording studio to lay down some a-MAY-zing original music

2023 Jul


Summer 2023 we'll start wrapping things up in post with final sound design, score integration, and 4K quality animation rendering. We'll also be scheduling a "friends & family" private viewing!

2023 Dec

Film Complete

Come Christmas 2023, you'll be hearing our crew yell out, 'That's a wrap!'

2024 Jan

Film Festivals

We expect to kick off with a fabulous film festival circuit starting January 2024! Sign up for our VIP List newsletter to keep informed of film festival appearances near you.

2024 Summer

Theatrical Launch

Our goal is to premier in theaters around the world in the summer of 2024! Then launch to the usual Video-On-Demand services, buy/rent, etc.

Principal Characters


Simon is a shy young barista who finds a magic wig that turns him into the titular drag super-shero, Maxxie LaWow

Maxxie LaWow

Maxxie is Simon's alter ego, his inner 'Super-shero'


Jae is Simon's best friend from childhood and a true squirrelfriend. #BFF

Dyna Bolical

Dyna Bolical is a premier drag talent and enterprising businesswoman. With her new age-defying beauty cream, she manifests executive realness, hunty! And she won’t let anyone come between her and her dreams…

Let’s be Squirrelfriends!

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