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Drag Super-shero

An Animated Feature Film


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About the film

Maxxie LaWow tells the story of Simon, a shy young barista, who discovers a magic wig that turns him into the super-shero of his dreams. Campy adventures ensue.

Simon and his best friend, Jae, work at the Pink Unicorn Cafe in the small town of Tuckerton. One night, Simon discovers a magic pink wig in the back alley.

Dyna Bolical is a premier drag talent and enterprising businesswoman. With her new age-defying beauty cream, she manifests executive realness, hunty! And she won’t let anyone come between her and her dreams…


Maxxie LaWow








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Indiegogo Campaign

Let’s make herstory!

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super-shero animated film!

september 15, 2021

Now live!


The action! The drama!

The looks!

September 15, 2021

Now available!


Animated Feature Film

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Spring 2024

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